Vehicle Maintenance: Engine Oil Change Importance

In the field of mechanical engineering oil change is a very important procedure. Changing oil helps in preventing engines from wearing out, extending the life of both the engine and the transmission as well. In fact changing it once a year can help your engine last longer. However there are so many factors that affect the viscosity of the oil that you will need to pay attention to when determining the frequency of the maintenance. The importance of right viscosity can be determined by the change of temperature of the oil.

A high-temperature increase or decrease in the oil will increase or decrease the viscosity. When changing your oil, it is important to alter it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the manufacturer recommends changing it every three thousand miles, then it is advisable to have it done for every sixty thousand miles.

The next thing that affects the viscosity is the age of the engine. The longer it is used the higher its age the less lubrication it gets and the lower its viscosity. It is therefore important to have it done when it is about to undergo a significant change. An oil change is not only a safety measure, it also helps to prolong the life of the engine.

The next thing that affects the change in viscosity is the amount of friction in the oil. This is one of the things that help determine the frequency of the oil change. A high amount of friction means that there is a lot of oil in contact with the piston and cylinder. When this happens oil clogs up the oil pump and the filter. This causes a decrease in the viscosity of the oil.

Another thing that increases the frequency of the oil change is the amount of salt in the engine. When there is too much salt, it tends to dissolve the oil and causes a thickening of the viscosity. This makes it more difficult for oil to flow and it also thickens the oil.

There are ways to tell which one of these things is causing the viscosity to drop. For instance, if you have to have your oil changed regularly your engine oil should be thicker than normal as this indicates that the oil has thinned out. If you notice a significant decrease in viscosity, it could mean that the filter or pump has become clogged. This is why checking the viscosity of the oil is so important before any changes are made to the engine oil. Incase you need the service of an oil change center in Illinois click here.