How to Start a Business With Screen-Printed Apparel

If you’re in the market for some screen printed apparel, you may be wondering how to start a business. After all, you’re not the first person to make these designs. But you do need to be aware of some basics in screen printing. Here are some tips to help you get started! Let’s face it: screen printing is not for everyone! After all, it’s not your average fashion item. There are a few key differences between the screen printing and heat-pressed art.

When washing screen-printed apparel, you should avoid using hot water. Heat can ruin the image, so be sure to iron it with the lowest temperature possible. Also, avoid using the steam setting. For extra protection, you can place a cloth over the printed area of the garment before using the iron. Here’s another tip: don’t iron on the design! When washing your screen-printed apparel, never use a high-heat setting, as it will only damage the image.

One of the biggest differences between screen-printed apparel and vinyl-printed apparel is their durability. Vinyl-printed shirts will start to fade after a few years, while screen-printed apparel will last throughout its lifetime. Screen-printed apparel is also more durable than vinyl-printed apparel and is more likely to last through washing. And it looks much more professional. You’ll be the envy of everyone with a screen-printed shirt. Aside from boosting employee morale, screen-printed shirts also make people look more professional.

Screen-printed apparel is not a simple product. In fact, it’s not possible to buy screen-printed apparel online. There are a number of important steps to take before purchasing screen-printed apparel. Firstly, choose a quality supplier with a proven reputation. Secondly, check their customer service. Most companies will only accept orders from established and reputable manufacturers. And thirdly, don’t forget to research the quality of the product.

Screen-printed apparel is more durable than digital-printed ones. It can be printed on a wide variety of textiles, including jeans and hoodies. And the color range of screen-printed apparel is much greater than with other methods of garment printing. Another big advantage of screen printing is its versatility. You can use it on any garment surface, from a t-shirt to a baseball cap. Moreover, you can make designs on both of them, as long as the garment is cotton-based.

Before you print the garment, make sure that the quality of the print is good enough for you to make money with it. Screen-printed garments cost less than those with conventional fabrics. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of savings by choosing a top-quality supplier. You should also check the size and color of the garment, since you can’t make changes after you have received the order. So, before you buy your screen-printed apparel, be sure that you have the correct measurements before you purchase.

Screen-printed apparel can be 3-D. One technique used to achieve this is gel printing, which applies a thin layer of gel to the fabric. This gel ink adheres to the fabric fibers and gives the garment a shiny plastic like finish. The gel ink makes your design stand out from the rest and is durable for years. But gel printing is not for everyone. It has several drawbacks, so keep this in mind when designing your screen-printed apparel. For more details on apparel printing visit